Meeting Map

A great advantage of Manual Thinking on the work floor is its use to conduct meetings. This use is easy to implement, calms work meetings, limits their length, increases their efficiency, and helps each team member to commit to the objectives.

With the Meeting Template you can quickly prepare a meeting, by visualizing the general theme, assistants, and points to discuss. During the meeting, hand out labels to all participants, so they can write down their opinions and ideas regarding each point of discussion. The labels are visualized on the map before moving to the next point. With all the visions of the group at sight, it becomes a lot easier to take conclusions, without the need of long debates. After all, without having taken a firm position in defending a certain point of view, it is a lot easier for an individual to join the reasoning of the group.

The conclusions can be added last, in form of actions to undertake, next steps, and dates for deadlines and next meetings. Instead of a secretary needing to write the minutes afterwards, the resulting map can be documented instantly by taking a picture and sharing it with all participants.

Download and print the template, and try a meeting with your team!

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