Disney Method

To get the most out of creativity and to prevent getting stuck on certain arguments, it can be useful to divide our thinking in various steps. A great example is the method invented by Walt Disney, in which three approaches to creative thinking are distinguished: dreaming, realistic and critical thinking. With the template your team can apply this method easily on a visual map. Colored labels can be used to distinguish the different thinking directions.

To put this method to the test, everybody should think alike simultaneously about a specific topic. First, on blue labels, we all think like dreamers: without any restrictions, what ideas would be the most ideal for this issue? On green labels, we think like realists: how can we turn these dreams into reality? And writing on red, we think like critics: what are the ideas’ weakest points? After each phase, the labels are organized on the map. Instead of having a discussion between dreamers and critics, we quickly get a general view of all the ideas, the ways to make them happen, and the obstacles to be overcome.

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