SDG Exploration Wheel

The Sustainable Development Goals created by the ONU propose a plan for action to create a sustainable world for all its inhabitants. With Manual Thinking we offer a easy to use, hands-on format with which schools, companies, institutions and individuals can explore what they can do to contribute to accomplish all 17 goals, set for the agenda of 2030.

The SDG wheel visualizes all 17 goals on one label, which you can place in the center of a map to start your exploration. Together with your company, school, family or neighbours you can get acquainted with the goals and explore them by asking the following questions:

  • Which goals are familiar to you?
  • Which goals strike you as new?
  • In which goals are you already taking action?
  • In which goals haven´t you done anything yet?
  • Which goals would you like to choose for next actions?
  • What first ideas come up for possible actions?

Try it yourself! You can download the templates for free. Just print them on our labels and get started!

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