Removable Mindmap

The Manual Thinking tool offers a format in which you can organize ideas and thoughts in a schematic way. A basic way to build these diagrams is known as a Mind Map, a technique for the organization of information through portions and ramifications, which has been popularized in the past decades by the British writer Tony Buzan.

In contrast with the conventional ways of noting information (in the West: left to write, top to bottom), on a Mind Map one starts in the center, where the main topic is visualized. Subsequently, this topic is divided outward in a radial manner into smaller elements, which in turn are divided into more detailed elements. Connecting these elements of information creates a structure similar to the branches of a tree. Every bit of information is written in a few keywords; drawing is encouraged. The resulting map offers a complete overview of a topic in a single glance.

The process of creating a Mind Map is highly didactic: breaking down a topic in its parts and finding the right connections between all the elements guarantees a thorough understanding. Manual Thinking offers a comfortable format on which you can replace, remove and illustrate as you create the map, whether alone or in a group.

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