How to use the Accessories

To get the most out of Manual Thinking we offer a set of indispensable accessories that facilitate an optimal use of our tools.

The Manual Thinking Markers have the ideal tip size for taking brief notes and drawings on our labels with optimal legibility of the map as a whole. They also assure a clean and uniform result when used by all participants. The coloured markers have a brush tip, for quick accentuation of drawings and keywords.

Tip: For each work session use black markers in combination with markers of one single colour for all your team members. The results will represent the work of the group as one, and not as a sum of individuals working with different tools and/or colours.

The Manual Thinking Patch Patch provides the most comfortable way of displaying maps, converting any wall into a visualization surface. Simply fix the metal patches to the wall with its included double sided tape, and attach the maps with its accompanying magnets.

The Memory Brick archiving boxes allow to store a set of up to 25 maps, to keep your work nicely organized by projects.

When it’s time to go from 2D to 3D, count on our Prototyping Cardboard for creating quick volumes. Its centimeter grid help to create a quick layout without needing to take measurements, and give an aesthetic and uniform look to the results.

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