Who decides what the future will look like after the Covid-19 situation?

At Manual Thinking we are convinced that everybody should be involved into thinking how society should function in the future. The exceptional situation of a worldwide confinement has given us a unique opportunity to compare two very different realities: The era before Covid and the situation of confinement.

We have created the AC/DC Map (Antes del Covid / Después del Covid) work template to help you to explore the past, present and future situation. First, we´ll visualize how the sanitary crisis has affected us on different scales. Then, we will note the pro´s and con´s of both the era before Covid and the time of confinement. What aspects of the times before the sanitary crisis would you like to keep? Which ones should we eradicate? What was bad about the confinement? However, are there things you learned and aspects you would like to keep in the future?

Step 1: Print the work template, or acquire the special AC/DC kit with all the necessary material.

Step 2: Create your AC/DC map. Be as visual as possible!

Step 3: Share a picture of your result on Instagram with the hashtags #manualthinking y #acdcmap

We will publish a selection of interesting results, and will analyze the information of all maps through wordclouds. Also, we will interview specialists from different ambits to visualize their visions of the new normality. The example map above is created together with creativity and innovation specialist Donna Pace.

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