Idea Atlas

A selection of the best ideas that result out of creativity methods such as Box Stimuli, Osborn Checklist and Brainwriting can be organized over various maps, to create an organized and readable overview of ideas. This set of multiple maps is called the Idea Atlas.

For the best result, the ideas should be organized by clouds, using the following guidelines:

* Place labels with similar content close to each other.
** When content is different, place distant.
*** When content is the same, overlap the labels slightly (visualize each!).
**** When a group of labels with similar content is detected, find and note their common concept in a different colored label and place it in the center.

Tip: Stick labels slightly when constructing, so you can re-organize them easily.

The last step of these guidelines is essential: once you have detected the common concept or ´family name´ of a group of ideas, it is easy to multiply this set of ideas, by asking what other ideas could be related to this family. Assign a more global concept to each map to maintain control over the overview of ideas, such as ideas for Packaging, Communication, Sales Point etc. As the ideas are being organized, the Idea Atlas also shows which areas contain more ideas and which areas might need more focus.

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