Val escolar Manual Thinking

Manual Thinking s’adhereix a la campanya Val Escolar per els alumnes que al curs 2024-2025 facin primària o secundària en centres públics o concertats.

Venda en botiga a partir de l‘1 de Juliol de 16.30 a 18:30

What is manual Thinking?

Tools and spaces for co-creation.

Manual Thinking makes teamwork easy,
effective and enjoyable.
Find out how!

Discover our products and services:

servicios y alianzas manual thiking

Services + Partnerships

We design workshops for companies and organisations and have a certification programme for professionals.

productos tienda manual thinking


Discover our practical tools for dynamic and effective teamwork.

usos y metodos manual thinking

Uses and methods

Use our work templates to apply methodology for creativity, strategy and organization in an easy and visual way.

espacios mobiliario manual thinking


With our range of furniture you can equip your workspace into an optimal place for co-creation.

Fundador Manual thinking luki huber

Who created Manual Thinking?

Tools for optimising
of the creative process

Manual Thinking was conceived in the product design studio of Luki Huber, as a result of the search for the optimization of the studio´s creative process, wherein teams of clients and users are invited to participate. The tools originated when Luki Huber, Swiss product designer based in Barcelona, connected his passion for maps with the apparent lack of systems to properly manage creative methodology with. Together with Gerrit Jan Veldman, product designer from Dutch origin, they shaped Manual Thinking into its current product and service range.

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