Empathy Map

The Empathy Map is an essential resource to gain understanding of the users of your products and/or services. As a user centered method, the Empathy Map is also an elemental step of Design Thinking Methodology.

With the Empathy Map, we try to put ourselves in the shoes the users and clients of our products, by visualizing all their thoughts, observations and actions. The template divides the map diagonally in 4 areas, with the user in the centre. In some templates the user is depicted as a person´s head as seen in profile, to reinforce the meaning of each area. In the upper area of the map (corresponding to the brain) we look for everything the user thinks and feels. On the right side (the eyes), we describe everything the user sees. Below (mouth and body) we focus on everything the user says and does. On the left (the ears), everything the user hears.

To conclude, we summarize the map in a set of Pains and Gains: All the obstacles and needs the user has. The goal of the Empathy Map is to find all key aspects that can help to better solve or shape our product or service. Download & print the template to create an Empathy Map with Manual Thinking!

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