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Osborn´s Checklist

The Osborn Checklist, also known as SCAMPER, is an ideation method created by Alexander Osborn, the godfather of brainstorming. The method parts from existing objects, products or concepts, which are subjected to a set of actions which invite to convert the initial object into new ideas. What can you modify, add, minimize, substitute, rearrange or combine? This complete list of questions can lead to both subtle improvements as well as total new approaches of the original solution.

The template we present here offers an essential version of the Osborn Checklist, with which you can apply the method in a radial structure, starting with an existing product in the centre, working your way outwards with new ideas. The result is a beautiful map of concrete & clear ideas, easy to present and archive. Print the template or buy one online, place it on your map and let the ideas flow!


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