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Brand Design

Facilitated by Susana Mondejar, Brand Design is a workshop for the creation of recognizable, memorable and high impact brands.

Circular Design

Learn how the Circular Economy works and explore what solutions it can offer for your business. Designed and facilitated by Gerrit Jan Veldman

The Life Book

Face any problem and work on your personal growth in a active manner. The Life Book is created and guided by Olga Sasplugas.

Simplicity Sprint

The Simplicity Sprint workflow helps you to simplify products, services, processes and organizations. Created by Denkmotor.

Manual Thinking Essentials

The Manual Thinking Workshop Essentials is the ideal way to learn how to use our tools and implement them in your own professional area.

Product Design

In our product design service, we invite the team of our clients to take part in the development of new products.

SDG Design

We use the Sustainable Development Goals as a starting point for innovation.

Idea Generation Sprint

Take the Idea Generation Sprint to go from the problem frame to the generation of hundreds of ideas and their evaluation in a matter of hours! 

Sustainable Strategy

Learn how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda with the CANVAS sustainability model.

Business Design

Facilitated by Lluis Font, in this workshop you will learn how to generate business ideas and create plans to carry them out.