What is manual Thinking?

Foldable maps and
removable labels

Manual Thinking es una herramienta basada en mapas plegables y etiquetas removibles, que facilita compartir tareas como la planificación, creación de ideas y la toma de decisión. Los participantes apuntan sus ideas y pensamientos en las etiquetas de diferentes tamaños y colores, y éstas se organizan sobre el mapa para crear un documento visual del pensamiento del grupo.

Manual thinking trabajo equipo

Why use Manual Thinking?

Engage and align your team

The participatory nature of Manual Thinking ensures a commitment and alignment of the team to the tasks at hand. This aspect makes it an essential tool for running meetings and workshops. Try it out!

Facilitating creative methodology

Manual Thinking is a universal tool that simplifies the application of all kinds of creativity and organisation methods, such as Mind Mapping, Brainwriting or Design Thinking, always resulting in a visual document. Ver selección de usos.

Adding value to interaction with customers and employees

The tool is easy to use, archive and reuse, and the aesthetic results add clear value to conducting meetings or other tasks together.