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Manual Thinking Patch

SKU: AC102
4 Plates and magnets for hanging up Maps Manual Thinking

The Manual Thinking Patch is a practical and aesthetic solution that turns any wall into a display surface where Manual Thinking maps can be easily hung and unhung. The black finished iron plates can be attached to the wall in an instant with the built-in 3M permanent tape. Magnets grip firmly, allowing multiple maps to be placed at once.

Each pack contains 4 sets of plates with tape and magnet. Multiple sets of the Manual Thinking Patch can be combined to display the maps in 2 horizontal rows multiplied by the desired number of vertical columns.

How to use the Accessories?

Patch: 5x5x0,5cm

For the correct installation of the Patch, please respect the map sizes.

Large map:
Horizontal: 98 (100) cm
Vertical: 68,5 (70) cm

Medium Map:
Horizontal: 66 (70) cm
Vertical: 46,5 (45) cm


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