Manual Thinking Working Tables and Panels

Mobiliario Manual Thinking mesas paneles trabajo creativo

Furniture for active work.

The Manual Thinking Work Tables and Visualization Panels offer comfortable surfaces to work with our tools in active postures. The furniture and tools invite you to work standing, using your hands and alternating different positions. By realizing mental work through physical movement, our products offer a rich, engaging and didactic work experience.

The solution for a flexible space.

Thanks to its simple and smart design, the same components allow you to set up a work table or a visualization panel. This way you can configure your workspace according to the needs of different work sessions. The tables and panels are mounted on sturdy wheels, so you can easily move around the furniture for an ideal set up at each moment.

Sizes and positions.

The surfaces for the tables and work panels come in two sizes, a large 160×100 surface suitable for working with 2 large Manual Thinking Maps or 4 Medium Maps, and a smaller 120×80 surface, suitable for 1 large Manual Thinking Map or 2 Medium Maps.

The surfaces can be combined with legs of three different heights, to create table of 100, 75, and 55cm height. The tables are designed to use as standing tables, with the lower heights for children and adolescents.

The visualization panels can be set up combining the large or small surface, with the high and medium leg. The surfaces feature metal areas where you can attach your Manual Thinking maps to with magnets.

MT-WT L99-D / MT-WT L99 / MT-WT L75 / MT WT L55
Mesa grande con superficie blanca y patas de metal con acabado negro.
Surface dimensions: 160×100
Height: 99/75/55cm
Precio pata alta + superficie doble: €770,-
Precio pata alta: €770,-
Precio pata mediana: €743,-
Precio pata baja: €723,-

MT-WT S99 / MT-WT S75 / MT WT L55
Large table with white surface and black metal base.
Dimension surface: 160×100
Height: 99/75/55cm
Price high leg: €641,-
Price medium leg: €613,-
Price low leg: €592,-

MT-VP L200 / MT-VP L180
Large panel with white surface and metal base with black finish.
Surface dimensions: 160×100
Height: 200/180cm
Base price high: € 617,-
Median base price: €603,-

MT-VP S170 / MT-VP S160
Small panel with white surface and metal base with black finish.
Dimension surface: 160×100
Height: 170/160cm
High base price: € 488,-
Median basic price: €474,-