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Manual Thinking Workspace

Our range of workspace equipment is designed for the realization of all types of active and creative (team)work, and is especially compatible with all the Manual Thinking tools. Now available!

Work Tables and Panels

The Manual Thinking Work Tables and Visualization Panels offer comfortable surfaces to work with our tools in active postures. The furniture and tools invite you to work standing, using your hands and alternating different positions.

Manual Thinking Box

Key element for inspiration is the Manual Thinking Box, a vertical storage system with its contents at hand and at sight of everyone. Apart from containing practical objects such as stationery, the boxes can be filled with all kinds of materials, objects and samples, which help to spark the imagination of the user, who is triggered…

Manual Thinking Box Cork

Additionally to our range of colours, the base of our Manual Thinking Box is now also available in cork, bringing a great look with a warm touch to both domestic and work spaces. Its elasticity gives a firm grip to our boxes, and its sound absorbing qualities can improve the acoustics of a workspace. Cork…

Work Stools

The Manual Thinking work stools help to maintain a healthy work posture. Matching with the tables and panels, the angles of the stool contribute to a strong, solid and stackable design.

Auxiliary Bench

The auxiliary benches offer seating and storage space, and can be moved easily to create different workspace configurations.

Manual Thinking Patch

To be able to create lots of visualization space, we offer the Manual Thinking Patch, a small but elegant solution consisting of ferric patches which you can fix on the wall. Placed in multiples of four, the patches allow you to easily display your maps, attaching them with the included magnets. A practical way to…