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Manual Thinking Box Black / 4P

SKU: BX403
4 Modular wall organizers with black base.

The Manual Thinking® Box is a modular wall organiser that allows you to organise all kinds of objects to have them at hand and in sight. Each module consists of a base fixed to the wall and a transparent box that can be easily put on and removed from its base. Use the Manual Thinking® Box to store any object, such as tools, toys, ingredients, cosmetics and so on.

Includes heavy-duty double-sided tape for quick and secure installation, and screws with plugs for installation on rough and/or unstable surfaces.

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Colour: Black
Modules: 4

Base: 25x25x5,5 cm
Case: 21,5×21,5×7,5 cm

Capacity: 2,4 L

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