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Removable Labels Templates / 100P

SKU: LB111
100' Sheets with large labels for method templates

Save 28% on the price of our Template Removable Labels with our packs of 100 sheets. The Removable Labels 'Work Templates' offer a simple and effective way to apply all kinds of creativity, strategy and organisation methods with Manual Thinking. The sheets contain a large circular label, which visualises the steps of a method in the centre of a map. An additional rectangular label provides space for a legend with specific instructions for carrying out the method, which can be placed in a corner of the map. Find various methods in the sectiono "uses and methods"  to print on the labels, and get started!

How to use the templates?

1 Extra large circular label + 1 Rectangular label
Border colour: Black
Circular label size: d190 mm
Rectangular label size: 210×88 mm
Sheet size: A4


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