Manual Thinking Workspace


Our range of workspace equipment is designed for the realization of all types of active and creative (team)work, and is especially compatible with all the Manual Thinking tools. Interested? Contact us for prices, specifics, and orders!

Work Surface

The working tables are meant for standing work, which is much healthier than sitting, improves the handling of creative tasks, and maintains the user in an active physical and mental state at all time. Just think of a chef at work!

The tables have a generous surface of 160x100cm, offering enough space for up to 6 persons to work with 2 large Manual Thinking maps, or 4 medium sized maps. The table comes with an optional mid-height surface, ideal to keep extra storage of maps, labels and other materials on, to keep your top surface free for those tools you are working with a the moment. The table is easy to move throughout the workspace thanks to the sturdy wheels and the protruding handlebar.

The legs have a clean and clever design which allow the work surface to be configured in 2 positions: either as a high standing table or as a vertical visualization or room dividing panel. Just unscrew the legs and turn them around to change your setup. The surface features incorporated ferric zones so you can attach maps to the visualization panel with magnets. The smaller middle height surface can be converted in a lower height panel suitable for medium maps.


The matching stool offers a support to alternate standing work with seated work. The slightly inclined seat remains the body an active working posture.

Auxiliary bench

The auxiliary benches with wheels provide a regular seating height for 2 to 3 persons. They can be rolled out to create a pop-up class room or can serve as a seating surface for work breaks. The inner storage space is optimized to keep all your Manual Thinking tools in.

Interested? Contact us for prices, specifics, and orders!