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Manual Thinking Workspace


Our range of workspace equipment is designed for the realization of all types of active and creative (team)work, and is especially compatible with all the Manual Thinking tools. With the combination of tools and furniture, we want to offer a pleasant alternative to sedentary and screen based work environments, inviting you to work standing, using your hands and alternating different positions. By realizing mental work through physical movement, our products offer a rich, engaging and didactic work experience. To foment this way of working, we keep the following statements in mind:

Sitting kills.

Many studies show that sedentary work can be harmful for your health. With our high tables, we promote to work standing, alternated with brief seated breaks.

The best posture is the next posture.

The healthiest way to work is not staying too long in one posture. By offering furniture in different positions and heights we want to create an environment where persons are in constant movement.

Active body, active mind.

Being physically active, helps to be mentally active as well. Through working with our hands, we want to establish a rich work and learning experience.

The Manual Thinking Workspace furniture range includes:

Work Tables and Panels

All in one work tables and visualization panels in different heights and positions.

Manual Thinking Box

Vertical storage solution for the creation of a tools and inspiration wall.

manual thinking taburete trabajo

Work Stool

Stools with inclined seats to alternate standing work with an active and healthy posture.

Auxiliary bench

Movable seating and storage solution for the workspace.

Map Viewer

Senital map recording accessory, to establish virtual and long distance connection. Coming soon.

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