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Manual Thinking Box Cork

Additionally to our range of colours, the base of our Manual Thinking Box is now also available in cork, bringing a great look with a warm touch to both domestic and work spaces. Its elasticity gives a firm grip to our boxes, and its sound absorbing qualities can improve the acoustics of a workspace.

Cork is a material with lots of interesting properties: It has low density, is buoyant, impermeable, elastic, fire retardant and absorbs sound. It is formed as a layer of bark on the Quercus Suber tree, or the Cork oak, growing in southwest Europe and northwest Africa. It can be extracted without chopping down the tree, and renews itself in cycles of 9 years. As a natural material it is biodegradable, but it is also recyclable in technical terms. After its use, the cork can be granulated and recompressed into new shapes. All in all, a stunningly sustainable material! Our goal is to recollect used cork, mainly in form of wine bottle stoppers, to create series of our Manual Thinking Box with recycled cork.

In order to be transparent, flexible and lightweight, the inner boxes are created in polypropylene, a save plastic with good recycling options. For a sustainable use of plastics, it is important to give them a long lifecycle, and not to discard them just anywhere. We can recycle them by granulating and re-injecting them into new boxes.

The Manual Thinking Box Cork is now available in packs of 3 modules.

manual thinking box medidas

Dimensions base: 25x25x5,5cm
Dimensions box: 21x21x7,5cm (2,4L)
Price per module: €25,00
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