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Download instructions for all work tables and panels


You can find the assembly and maintenance instructions for each reference here:

Work tables:

MT-WT L99-D Work Table Large/High with shelf

MT-WT L99 Work Table Large/High

MT-WT L99 Work Table Large/Middle

MT-WT L55 Work Table Large/Low

MT-WT S99 Work Table Small/High

MT-WT S75 Work Table Small/Middle

MT-WT S55 Work Table Small/Low

Visualization Panels:

MT-VP L200 Panel Large/High Leg

MT-VP L180 Panel Large/Middle Leg

MT-VP S170 Panel Small/High Leg

MT-VP S160 Panel Small/Middle Leg

Map View camera stand:


Maintenance Instructions Bench & Stools:

MT-BE145 Auxiliary Bench

MT-ST74 Work Stool


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