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The Life Book

the life book olga sasplugasThe Life Book is born from the need to offer a visual, efficient and constantly revisable scenario which can be used to work on a personal exploration for solutions in specific circumstances. The Life Book consists of a workflow co-designed by Olga Sasplugas and the Manual Thinking team that offers the opportunity to face any personal problem in a strategic and hands-on manner. Based on the most innovative change methodologies, the workflow allows us to optimize the available resources, to see what we had not seen before and to find effective solutions to existing challenges.

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The Life Book is available in various formats: A tools & templates pack, a large format work book, training courses and in form of personalized consultancy sessions.

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Olga Sasplugas is a Life Coach specialized in the field of neuroscience for personal growth and professional development. “I understand Life Coaching as a strategic methodology for change, and my passion is to help and empower others to find their path, unlocking their potential, exploring ways that lead to transformation.
My work approach is based on the fundamental coaching techniques that are available within the framework of neuroscience and the brain´s biology, as well as innovative methods such as Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking.”

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