Product Design - Manual Thinking - Tools for co-creation

Product Design


Manual Thinking has originated in the product design studio of Luki Huber, as a solution allowing to involve and align the teams of our clients in the development of new products. Today still, our passion is to apply our tools and its participative work procedure in the creation of new solutions, whether in form of products, services or strategies.

In our product design service, we invite the team of our clients to take part in the development of new products from a very early stage. This way we achieve to align and motivate the team: It is very distinct to work on a project when you yourself have taken part in its creation. This effect irradiates throughout the project and will help it to get ahead.

Together with other strategic invitees we frame the opportunities of their business, identify the users and their respective problem areas, and use the creative potential of our tools and methods to obtain a large quantity of innovative ideas. We establish selection criteria to pick the most promising ideas, which will be subjected to a visualization phase, in which the ideas start to take shape. With early prototypes we test the functionality and feasibility of each idea, to get to our final concepts. From here we work internally to work on the design and materialization of the products, and localize suitable production partners.

In the meantime the product is prepared for its launch to the market. Also here, we can work in participative work sessions with the support of our expertise partners in branding, marketing and communication.

Work with us in the realization of an effective, pleasant and cohesive project! Our design service generally lasts from 3 to 9 months, in which teamwork sessions are alternated which internal design phases. Contact us for a customized offer!