Idea Generation Sprint - Manual Thinking - Tools for co-creation

Idea Generation Sprint


Whatever the problem or challenge you need to solve, with the Idea Generation Sprint we offer a proven sequence of creative methodology to find many innovative and functional solutions. The Manual Thinking tools are fully appreciated in this participative and highly creative project approach. Inviting team members and others to the very heart of your project, will give each participant a sense of ownership to the project which will give them a lot of motivation to get the project ahead!

After defining the problem, in the Idea Generation Sprint we use associative, confrontational and analytical creativity methods to discover a large variety of ideas for any problem area, which we organize and evaluate in our Idea Atlas. In as quick as a 4 hour workshop, or extendable to various work sessions, the Idea Generation Sprint is a highly effective and economic way to kick start your project.

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– Discover hundreds of innovative and functional ideas for your problem.

– Endow alignment and a sense of ownership to all participants.

– Great opportunity to discover and compare many ideas before investing in a project.