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Culture Design

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In this workshop you will learn how to generate and develop cultural projects. We will teach you how to identify problems, place the user in the center and select one of many innovative ideas to create a socially transformative concept. To do this we will lead you through various techniques that will increase individual and group work capacities. Based on Design Thinking, we will apply various methods to help you to find the most creative solutions to your challenge, with the ultimate goal of setting the fundamental bases that will allow you to start developing your project right away.

What am I going to learn?

We will teach you how to boost your team’s creativity and how to apply specific methodology that will improve the structure and planning of your project.

  • You will learn to empathize with the potential user through Design Thinking.
  • You will be able to generate significant and innovative ideas for any challenge.
  • You will learn to use different work tools that help you to organize and keep track of your project.
  • You will discover various creativity techniques to improve your individual and collective work skills.

Is this course for me?

If you are searching for new ways to create and develop an innovative cultural or social project, as a professional or cultural entity, this workshop is definitely for you. Anyone involved the cultural sector, i.e. museum directors, curators, project planners or other employees can use this course to find innovative and radically different solutions to implement in their environment.

Format: Open Workshop

This workshop is realized periodically in a 5 hour workshop held in one of our workspace, open for subscriptions. Check our online store for upcoming dates and inscriptions. Interested in booking this workshop for your company, school or institution? Contact us!

Every assistant that successfully completes the workshop will receive a Manual Thinking certificate.


      • Essential concepts of design thinking
      • Culture Design method step by step
        • Phase 1
          • Challenge verification
          • Empathy map
        • Phase 2 Fantasy
          • Ideation/provocation
          • Ideation/Stimuli
          • Creation
        • Phase 3 Organization
          • Idea evaluation
        • Phase 4 Development
          • Project development
          • The 3p’s
        • Phase 5 Execution
          • Timeline
          • Follow up

The facilitators: Pep Marés and Laura Álvarez Estapé

Pep Marés has a degree in History from the University of Girona and a master’s in management and Cultural Communication from the University of Barcelona. He is a specialist in cultural innovation, fundraising and company and culture connections. Facilitator and expert in innovation methodologies and tools such as Design Thinking, The Lean Startup, agile software development, Service Design and User Experience. He has participated in innovation and education processes in more than ten museums and heritage spaces.

After more than ten years of experience in cultural management, in 2014 he started working as a consultor of social, educational and cultural innovation in the Bofill Foundation, Carulla Foundation and Grupo Mémora. His trajectory passes through the private and public sector, creating and contributing to corporate social return projects and developing strategic projects with the purpose of generating a qualitative social impact among the community.

Laura Álvarez Estapé has a degree in Archeology and a master degree in Management of Cultural Heritage and Museology, both from the University of Barcelona. Throughout her professional career in cultural management she has been working in multiple pedagogy and cultural innovation projects both in cultural and patrimonial equipment. Funding member of the IntegraCiència Association, combines cultural management and innovation with the revitalization and facilitation of pedagogic workshops on archeology, being also one of the team members in the Research Group on Protohistoric Archeology (GRAP, University of Barcelona).

Her professional evolution led her to develop her facilitation abilities through the revitalization of multiple participative and innovative processes using tools such as Design Thinking. Likewise, she has also participated in the creation of significative and transformative pedagogical activities to give answers to the current challenges in the cultural and educational sector.