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Circular Design

In the past decades it has become clear that our lifestyle is leaving a big impact on the planet. Think of climate change, the plastic soup in the ocean or deforestation. To assure a sustainable present and future for all inhabitants of the earth, we need to rethink the way in which we produce, transport, sell, consume and discard our goods. With the Circular Design workflow you can learn and explore possible opportunities and solutions that the Circular Economy can offer to your business area. The Circular Economy wants to eliminate the concept of waste, proposing a model in which all resources are recycled and/or renewed. This way it aligns the needs of a sustainable planet with a prosperous economy. Seen from this angle, there are a lots of things to rethink, and that is exactly what the Circular Design workflow wants to evoke. Parting from existing businesses, we observe our search fields from different angles to find out what changes can be implemented to transform these businesses into circular models.

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The Manual Thinking tools allow us to approach the theme step by step, each of which we learn from by doing practical exercises. The participative approach will also align the team in the search for solutions and decision taking. Circular Design is available in various formats: A tools & templates pack, a large format work book, training courses and in form of customized design projects.

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Gerrit Jan Veldman

The Circular Design workflow has been created by Gerrit Jan Veldman (Leicester, 1983), product designer of Dutch origin. After his studies in Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft (NL) he joined the Barcelona based design studio of Swiss designer Luki Huber in 2008. Apart from the designs they realized for clients such as Lékué, Plastisan and Neurek, they created Manual Thinking, brand which offers tools and furniture for active co-creation. Within the framework of this project he has facilitated tenfold of workshops about design and creativity in teamwork at both universities and companies. He is also active at the Instituto Europeo de Diseño in Barcelona, where he teaches Design Sketching. In the Circular Design workflow he combines his experience, studies and passion for sustainable design with this knowledge of creative tools and methodology.