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Business Design

Luis Font Business Design workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to generate business ideas and create plans to carry them out. We will teach you to how to generate ideas in a creative and easy way, filter them with criteria and to develop a plan to make them happen. We’ll combine different techniques such as Design Thinking, Agile Methods, Kanban, Scrum, Pros & Cons and SWOT. The final result will be one or more business ideas ready for action.

What am I going to learn?

In the digital revolution era, business oriented creativity is as important as analytical capacity. This workshop will turn you into a professional and/or entrepreneur prepared for the future:

  • You will be capable of generating business ideas in a creative yet structured way.
  • You will be able to generate new companies, new businesses within a company and also to generate new products.
  • You will do it in a creative and complete way, taking advantage of all the talent in your team.
  • You will be capable of creating a launching plan using the agile methods and one of their best techniques: Scrum and Kanban.

Is this course for me?

This session is oriented to any type of professional or entrepreneur that needs to explore new forms of making your business grow or of protecting an existing one. If Michael Porter himself had to redefine his laws of strategy for digital disruption, then every business needs to generate new ideas in a constant way.

Entrepreneur, director, professional, this course is for you if you want to get the most of your creativity.


The workshop has a duration of 5 hours. Every assistant that successfully completes the workshop will receive a Manual Thinking certificate.

The teacher: Lluis Font

Entrepreneur, consultant, coach, lecturer and writer.

An executive who has created successful businesses in software, internet and electronic commerce companies in the United States, UE, China and Japan. Brand creator and communicator with a very wide experience with digital marketing, social media and technology to create sales, recognition and loyalty.  Experienced corporate director with a proved path on multicultural team motivation.

Social Seller with more than 100,000 followers on social networks, especially on the business network Linkedin. Book author of “La Revolucion de Ventas” (“Sales Revolution”), “Cómo implementar Redes Sociales en la Empresa” (“How to implement social networks in a company”) and “Guía Práctica de Social Selling” (“Practical Guide of Social Selling”). He is currently finalizing his last book called “10 Problemas comunes de los emprendedores y cómo solventarlos” (“10 common problems of entrepreneurs and how to solve them”).

In 2019 he was named one out of five most influential in Spain and Latin America professionals in Marketing and Sales.

Nowadays he is the general director and founder of Agile Sales & Marketing, helping companies accelerate their business processes using Agile, Digital Marketing, Neuroscience and Technology. He runs the Executive Education and EMBA de la Salle programs at the University Ramon Llull.

This workshop is realized periodically in our workspace and online. Interested in booking this workshop for your company, university or institution?  Contact us!