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Brand Design

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Brand Design is a theoretical-practical workshop for the creation of recognizable, memorable and high impact brands, taking into account their Brand Core, purpose and corporate identity. The workshop will provide the tools to set the bases for newly created brands, constructing a high impact strategy based on a solid, coherent and distinctive Brand Core. The workshop will also help teams that work with existing brands, to revise their strategy and achieve a higher competitive value.

What will you do/learn

  • In this workshop we will explore techniques of conceptualization and design for the creation of a brand.
  • We will learn how the Manual Thinking tools can be implemented to tangibilize the DNA of a brand in a participative way.
  • We will work with new ways to detect the Brand Core (purpose, mission, values and behaviour), the positioning and value proposition of the brand, to assure it will be distinctive and competitive.
  • We will get to know the process of defining a verbal and visual identity of a brand, parting from our Brand Core definition.
  • In the design process, we will discover how to activate the brand, in order to achieve memorable and significant interactions with the target audience.

Is this workshop for me?

  • This workshop is addressed to professionals within the branding, marketing and communication sector, who want to explore new tools and methodologies to help to conceptualize new brands or to affirm the bases of existing brands.
  • It is also designed for facilitators and consultants in business and marketing to implement a new tool into their workflow.
  • Students from all studies related to marketing and communication who would like to obtain a holistic view of branding and to set a solid base for the process of brand conceptualization, creation and design.


The Brand Design workflow is available in a tools & templates pack, a large format workbook and is offered periodically in open workshops, both face-to-face and online. The duration is of 1,5 hours for the online course, and 4 hours for the face-to-face course. Check out our online store for upcoming dates and inscriptions.

The workshop can also be booked for companies, universities or other institutions, whether for training purposes or for the application of the process to a real case. Contact us for a customized offer.

The facilitator

Sunsana Mondéjar is consultant in communication and facilitator in co-creation courses. She is licensed in Publicity and Public Relations by the University of Barcelona. She obtained a Master in Systemic  Organizational Coaching from the Institut Gestalt. Also, she is officially certified as a Lego Serious Play® and Manual Thinking® facilitator.

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