Customized Projects - Manual Thinking - Tools for co-creation

Customized Projects


Manual Thinking has originated in the product design studio of Luki Huber, as a solution allowing to involve and align the teams of our clients in the development of new products. Today still, our passion is to apply our tools and its participative work procedure in the creation of new solutions, whether in form of products, services or strategies.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we plan a customized project containing different work sessions and/or phases combined with a selection of methodology that will help us to resolve the objectives in an integral manner. Whatever the goal is, the creative potential Manual Thinking offers is a guarantee for finding innovative and functional solutions.

The tool allows to involve and align all different actors of the project: the clients´ team, potential users, producers, providers and specialists. In this light, we also count on our network of expertise teachers to give support in areas such as business strategy, sustainability, marketing & communication, branding and human resources.

With years of experience in product design, we can accompany our clients from the search for opportunities up to the very product launch. Don´t hesitate to contact us for a customized offer!

Some of the companies we have worked with: