Manual Thinking

Workshop Introduction 20 March – BCN


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Workshop Manual Thinking.

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Learn to get the most out of Manual Thinking, the tool for managing creative teamwork. Explore and practice different uses, and apply them in your own environment! More info.

Language: Spanish

Facilitated by: Susana Mondéjar

Friday 20th of March; 10:00 – 13:00

Manual Thinking Studio
Passatge Mercantil 2
08003 Barcelona

The workshop has a limited capacity, we recommend to obtain your reservation as soon as possible. In case of payment through bank transfer, we urge you to send us a confirmation of the transfer. The reservation will be completed once the funds have been cleared onto our account.

If for whatever reason you cannot assist to the workshop, the participation can be cancelled 72 hours previously to the day of the workshop. We will refund the complete entry fee.

To realize the workshop we need a minimum of 12 participants, in case of insufficient participation, we maintain the right to cancel the workshop. Participants who have already subscribed can opt to participate in the subsequent session, or can choose to obtain a refund of the entry fee.