Workshop Essentials 11-12 - Manual Thinking - Tools for co-creation

Manual Thinking

Workshop Essentials 11-12


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Course Manual Thinking

11 December 2021 BCN


Manual Thinking is the ideal tool for co-creation. It allows you and your team to implement all types of creative and strategic thinking methods in a practical, hands-on manner with immediate visual results. It is great for team alignment and engagment, helping to get any type of project ahead!

Do you want to discover the essential uses and benefits of working with Manual Thinking? Participate in our Workshop Essentials to learn the Manual Thinking work philosophy first hand and practice many uses of the tools.

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Saturday 11 December 10:00-13:00
Manual Thinking Workspace
Passatge Mercantil 2 bajos
08003 Barcelona

Language: Spanish

More information here.

Safety measures:

  • Maximum 15 participants
  • Face masks, hand sanitation
  • Temperature check

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