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3 Modular wall organizers with cork base

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The Manual Thinking® Box is a modular wall organizer with which you can store all your objects at hand and at sight. Each module consists of a base which is fixed to the wall and a transparent box which can be easily placed and removed from the base. You can use the Manual Thinking® Box to store all kinds of objects from tools to toys, ingredients and office materials. A practical, clean and esthetical solution for both domestic and work areas.

Apart from its sustainable properties, the cork base has a great look with a warm touch, as well as sound absorbing qualities. The backside of the base features an adhesive surface for quick installation on smooth walls.

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Base: Cork
Modules: 3

Module measurements
Base: 25x25x5,5 cm
Box: 21,5×21,5×7,5 cm

Capacity: 2,4 L

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Weight 3 kg

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