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Manual Thinking

Full Experience Kit


3 Maps, 24 sheets of labels, 48 sliders and marker

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Discover the complete use of Manual Thinking with the Full Experience Kit! Use the XL template labels to implement different creativity methods and try the Sliders for an extra flexible mapping procedure.

The pack includes 3 large maps, 24 sheets of removable labels in 5 different sizes and 6 different colours, 48 Sliders in 4 sizes and a black marker.

12 sheets large circles (6x) black d94mm
3 sheets xl template circles (1x) black d190mm
1 sheets medium ovals (18x) black 63x47mm
1 sheet medium ovals (18x) blue 63x47mm
1 sheet medium ovals (18x) green 63x47mm
1 sheet medium ovals (18x) red 63x47mm
1 sheet medium ovals (18x) yellow 63x47mm
1 sheet medium ovals (18x) grey 63x47mm
1 sheets small oval (33x) black 63×23,5mm
1 sheet small circles (x54) black d31mm
1 sheet lines (x108) black 50×15/10mm

978x684mm (unfolded), 140x245mm (folded)
With title cover and millimeter grid.

12x Large d93 mm
12x Medium 62×46 mm
12x Small wide 62×23 mm
12x Small circle d30 mm

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