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Manual Thinking

Brand Design Pack


Set of tools and method work templates

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Tools & templates pack for carrying out the Brand Design Workflow, created together with Susana Mondejar.

In the Brand Design Workflow, the Manual Thinking tools are implemented for the creation of recognizable, memorable and high impact brands. The workflow offers a highly creative, participative and didactic procedure in which 10 maps are created for a thorough approach of the Brand Design challenge. In this pack you will find all the necessary methods and materials to work on the Brand Design workflow in a team of three persons.

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The Brand Design pack includes:
– Pack with printed work templates
– 2 Packs with 12 sheets of removable labels
– 1 Pack with 10 large maps; 978x684mm (unfolded), 140x245mm (folded)
– 1 Manual Thinking Kit with 3 maps and set of 12 sheets of labels of different sizes and colours
– 1 Memory Brick archiving box
– 3 Black Markers


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