Zero Waste

This template is designed to help find ideas for sustainable product ideas, with the goal of generating zero waste. Parting from existing products (or product ranges), the different areas of the template will help you to explore solutions for product (systems) with the lowest possible impact on the environment. Download the template and try it yourself!

Zero Waste Temlate Manual Thinking

Download the template

The template distinguishes the following thought directions:

Recycle  – Here we think in all the options for the improvement of the recycling options of the product, whether biologically or through human intervention.

Reduce – In this area we look for all solutions that reduce the materials and impact of the product. For all the materials we can reduce or avoid, we´ll avoid the energy to produce and tranport it as well!

Enlarge Cycle – Here we try to stretch the lifecycle for each user to a maximum. By enlarging the cycle, we reduce the need for new products, reducing overall impact.

Reuse – In this area we look for ways for the product to be used by other persons after each lifecycle, as second hand or renovated.

Rethink – Last but not least we look at the system of the product as a whole, and reconsider its functions, its use and sales method. Can we find other ways with lower impact to fulfill the needs the product covers?

This template is one of many approaches for sustainable product design. Would you like us to help you find the solutions and opportunities the Circular Economy has to offer for your business area? We offer custom workshops and design projects on demand to reach this goal in a participative manner. Contact us!


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