The sheets of Manual Thinking´s removable labels come in A4 size, so images and/or text can be printed on them, directly from your desktop printer.

If you need help to start creating a map, or if you want to apply certain methods, you can refer to our pre-defined templates. These templates work like a step by step for the creation of a complete map according to a specific method. They help to explore topics, generate ideas, or organize and execute a meeting. You just have to download, print and position the labels in the center of the map to get started.

Tip: Make sure you print the labels without any scaling, in order for them to fit well within the boundaries of the designated labels.

For workshop facilitators, the work templates are the ideal way to prepare a work session. The participants will obtain a clear understanding of the task and the outputs are uniform and easy to compare between different groups.

manual thinking template set up 5w1h


You can find a complete overview of the available templates under the `templates´ tab.

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