Organizing on Maps

The filled-in labels of your team members can be arranged in context over the surface of the map. The labels are removable so you can rearrange, remove and/or replace them until the result is satisfying. When organizing the inputs of a group, follow these suggestions:
* Place labels with similar content close to each other
** When content is different, place distant
*** When content is the same, overlap the labels slightly (visualize each!)
**** When a group of labels with similar content is detected, find and note their common concept in a different colored label and place it in the center.

Depending on the final purpose of the map, the labels can be organized in various forms over the surface of the map. These are the most common shapes of maps:

– Radial (mindmapping, exploring subjects) & Clouds (arranging ideas or inputs by families)

– Horizontal (arranging by timeline) & Vertical (prioritizing subjects or projects)

– Axes (evaluating ideas) & Matrix (evaluating ideas, exploring subjects)

– Grid (recollecting ideas or inputs, organization)