Noting on labels

The Manual Thinking Removable Labels are meant to recollect all thoughts, ideas and opinions of your team members. To achieve the best end-result it is important to:

– Be brief & to the point
– Be visual, draw!

By using the right drawing material, the user is encouraged to abbreviate the content and the resulting map will be readable at glance. Important: everybody should use the same material to diminish traces of individuals, and to create a uniform visual language. Recommended writing material are felt tip black markers combined with a single coloured brush marker to accentuate.

There are 11 types of detachable Manual Thinking labels, including 4 different sizes and 6 different colors. They are generally used in the following way:

Large Circles: Ideas and (sub)titles in written words and sketches

Medium oblongs: Brief written content, keywords, opinions

Coloured oblongs: Add categories, highlight content or follow specific colour related methods

Small oblongs: Single words, elements, names

Small circles: Numbers and letters for indexation

Draw-Cut-Paste: Doodles and illustrations without boundaries

Removable lines: Connect labels, visualize hierarchy through different thickness

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