Manual Thinking Sliders

The Manual Thinking Sliders are a simple and agile addition to our tool range, enabling the creation of maps more flexible and didactic. The discs offer a temporary support for the labels, allowing to slide them over freely over the surface of a map. In this way, your team can explore multiple layouts before sticking the labels on the map in their final position allowing a pleasant manner to interact and build together!

Sliders in Education
The sliders have been created thanks to the clever insights of our partners in the education sector. As they pointed out, they add an element of gamification to the mapping process, making them very suitable for didactic purposes. The handling, flipping and exchange of the discs lead to a more entertaining learning process, which (young) students become eager to apply, whatever the topic.

Manual Thinking has become a fundamental tool in my day to day job as an analog platform. In school, it enables students to learn through their senses of touch and sight and at the office, it allows us to take a few steps back and gain perspective over effective planning.”
Rubén Brenes – Teacher and School Headmaster at CEIP: Clara Campoamor Elche.

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