Manual Thinking at Roca Gallery London

This spring we had the pleasure of facilitating a work session for Roca, with the purpose of  generating and organizing content for their new platform This website offers a place where you can read, learn, share and find inspiration on topics of architecture, design, innovation and sustainability.

With a team formed out of architects, writers, journalists and directors of Roca´s communication department, many ideas for inspiring content have been gathered and organized using the Manual Thinking tools, in order to decide upon the outlines and central themes of the platform. Working with such a knowledgeable team in the Roca Gallery in London, an incredible space designed by the late Zaha Hadid, has been a truly inspiring event in itself. This video gives a bit of an insight:

Although the website has only been launched in July, it is already loaded with many interesting articles written by a pool of creative authors. One to add to your favourites!

manual thinking roca workshop map

An example of the concept maps created during the workshop.