Product Design

Manual Thinking offers a collaborative product design service, where our client´s team and other strategic personnel are invited to participate in the creative process of product development, in order to discover new opportunities together and align all involved parties for the creation of a win to win project.

The primary focus points of our design service:


Parting from the Manual Thinking work approach, we gather know-how, discover new business opportunities, learn from each other, and align all implicated persons.


We look for novel and functional solutions that respond to real needs, with an aspect of inventiveness that help to distinguish our clients from its competitors.


We perceive the current day ecologic challenges as an opportunity for innovation, and therefore incorporate its values from the very beginning of the creation process.

Examples of realized products:



The product design process is divided in phases of idea exploration, concept development and final product development. The initial stage is already an enriching experience, a great opportunity for brands and manufacturers to discover ways to innovate and train their employees at the same time.

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