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Manual Thinking Projects

Manual Thinking works as a great guiding thread for innovation projects, adding structure and extracting all creative potential of your team. It allows to create clear visualizations of problems, ideas and strategies, it involves and aligns all key players, and simplifies the implementation of all types of methods.

Whether for innovating in products, services or strategy, Manual Thinking offers projects to pursue the goals of your company in an active and effective manner. With a team formed out of the clients´ key employees and other strategic invitees, we affront the defined objectives through the application of our tools in combination with sequences of different methods for creativity, organization and strategy. Apart from the obtained results, the participative approach serves as a great learning process for all assistants.

Our collaborations can be of different durations, starting from intensive 4 hour work sessions, a weeklong sprint format, to a guided journey in which we accompany our client for the duration of a whole project.