Afterwork 2: Manual Thinking on teaching

What do Tomoko Sakamoto and Hugo Pardo Kuklinski have in common?

You probably guessed this one right: its Manual Thinking! They both use the tool for teaching. While Tomoko leads interesting didactic workshops like the former one delivered at the Ito-Juku Architecture School for Children in Tokyo, Hugo is the founder and director of Outliers School, where many innovative solutions and service prototypes are co-created hand in hand with powerful companies and academic institutions. You can listen to a podcast conversation between Hugo and Luki here.

We learned a great deal about the importance of inclusion and age diversity when it comes to teamwork, especially when we count on children in the mix. We also enjoyed building on the ideas of others and sharing loads of great feedback and insights actively with the help of Manual Thinking!

We will keep you posted on our upcoming sessions!