Education workshops

Introduce Manual Thinking at your school or university!

Manual Thinking can be a very helpful tool for studying purposes, applicable from grade-schools to universities of all kinds of fields. Whether for planning purposes, project exploration or presentation, the didactic process of noting, drawing and arranging content on maps in groups is suitable for all academic areas.

education workshop

Manual Thinking offers workshops at schools & universities for students to learn how to apply the Manual Thinking tool and associated methodology. Rather than giving a lecture or presentation, the intention is to always put the tool to practice in a hands-on session.

Since the start of the project, Manual Thinking has had ongoing collaborations with many academic institutions, realizing frequent workshops for  Barcelona´s local design schools such as EINA, ELISAVA, IED & Massana, but also for universities of other areas such as the Universidad de Barcelona or the Basque Culinary Centre, and overseas for example at Columbia University and The Berlage Institute.

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education workshop