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Customized workshops applied to your business case.

The Manual Thinking tools have been originally designed to improve and manage the creativity workshops of Luki Huber´s product design studio, where clients are invited to participate in a methodical search for new opportunities, as an integral part of the total design process.

Once evolved into a versatile tool for the stimulation of innovation, many companies apart from our design clients have shown interest in adopting the Manual Thinking work approach as well. Therefore we have realized workshops on a regular basis for companies such as Nestlé Spain, Griffith Laboratories, Spring Singapore, Bicentury and Bon Àrea.

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The workshops can be realized with various goals in mind, for example for a methodic search for new product or service ideas, for an exploration of new strategies, or simply for a training in creative teamwork. Depending on the needs of the client, we design a customized workshop, in which we create a work sequence where a selection of methods is mixed with the key points of our clients´ business vision. The results of the workshop are always translated into an atlas of visual maps, which are also converted into a digital document.

In the inspiring setting of the Manual Thinking studio, with all necessary materials at hand, we work with a dynamic team of our clients´ employees together with invited experts and/or end-users who have a special relation to the theme. An ideal opportunity to approach a business case from a new perspective!

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