Manual Thinking Templates: The easy way to start a map

manual thinking template 5W 1HNot sure how to start creating a map? Manual Thinking offers pre-defined work templates which you can print out on labels, providing you with the first steps to take to create complete maps and apply some effective creativity methods. Ideal for both novice users and teamwork: just print out the templates and place them on the map so you and/or you team members can start working immediately.

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Exploration: ‘Five W’s & one H’ template

The most basic way to explore any idea, problem or other theme is using method known as 5 W’s and 1 H or the Kipling Method, consisting of a list of the fundamental questions What? Why? Who? Where? When? and How? Once answered it will provide you with a complete overview of the idea or topic you want to explore and understand. This template of the method provides an easy way to initiate a mindmap with the Manual Thinking material, both for novice users and teams: you can start working right away!

Download the template heremanual thinking template 5W 1HStep 1: Download & print the template on large labels

Step 2: Place the theme in the center of the map and stick the labels of the template around it

Step 3: Start exploring!manual thinking template 5W 1H (page: Five W’s & One H. Sept. 2013)

Idea generation: ‘Osborn’s Checklist’ template

New ideas tend to arise from combining or altering existing elements. Alex Osborn, a creative theorist coming from the advertisement industry and the originator of the brainstorming technique, therefore created a complete checklist containing many possibilities to change an existing idea or product into new ideas, whether close or far from the initial idea. This idea creation technique is called Osborn’s Checklist, also known as SCAMPER, which letters refer to the actions Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Magnify, Put to other use, Eliminate and Rearrange. This template offers a version of the checklist that is very easy to apply with the Manual Thinking material, the format being apt for both individual and teamwork.

Dowload the template heremanual thinking template osborn checklist

Step 1: Download & print the template on a sheet of Manual Thinking’s large labels

Step 2: Place an initial idea, product or object in the center of the map and stick the labels of the template around

Step 3: Convert the initial product or idea into new ideas, using the actions described in the template. Try to find at least 2-3 ideas for each stage and draw them on big labels which you place around the checklist.manual thinking template osborn checklist example map

Osborn, A.F. Applied Imagination: Principles and Procedures of Creative Problem Solving, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1953 (page: Alex Faickney Osborn. Sept. 2013)

Organization: ‘Tasks in time’ template

Manual Thinking can serve as an ideal support to organize tasks, whether for teams or for individuals. This template provides an easy and effective way to organize your tasks by times, separating small tasks for immediate execution, tasks and projects to be completed during the day, week or month, tasks that are currently on hold, and projects to be fulfilled in the future. The labels allow you to move (and eventually remove) the tasks from less to more urgent. Colors can be used to link various tasks deriving from the same project, or to represent the person in charge of the task.

Download the template hereManual Thinking template tasks in time

Step 1: Download & print the template on a sheet of Manual Thinking large labels

Step 2: Place a central theme on the map and stick the printed labels around it.

Step 3: Note your tasks on labels and cluster them by times. Remove the label when a task is finished!

Manual Thinking template tasks in time example

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design thinking kit

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A framework for Customer-centric Innovation

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The Design Thinking Kit comes with maps, work templates and removable labels and a free downloadable user-manual that guides you through the 4 steps. The materials provided allow groups up till 5 persons to put into practice each step of the Design Thinking process in a visual manner.

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Created in collaboration with Enric Segarra.

Plan your holidays with Manual Thinking

mapa plan vacacionalThe summer holidays are here! You already know what to do, where to go and with who? In collaboration with Dominical, weekly magazine of Spanish Newspaper el Periódico, we have created a template with which you can create a map for your holiday plans. Explore possible destinations, activities and resources, and create the best plan for this summer!

You can download the template here, and print it on a sheet of large labels to get your map started. If you haven´t got any Manual Thinking maps or labels yet, get them in our online store!