Organization: ‘Tasks in time’ template

Manual Thinking can serve as an ideal support to organize tasks, whether for teams or for individuals. This template provides an easy and effective way to organize your tasks by times, separating small tasks for immediate execution, tasks and projects to be completed during the day, week or month, tasks that are currently on hold, and projects to be fulfilled in the future. The labels allow you to move (and eventually remove) the tasks from less to more urgent. Colors can be used to link various tasks deriving from the same project, or to represent the person in charge of the task.

Download the template hereManual Thinking template tasks in time

Step 1: Download & print the template on a sheet of Manual Thinking large labels

Step 2: Place a central theme on the map and stick the printed labels around it.

Step 3: Note your tasks on labels and cluster them by times. Remove the label when a task is finished!

Manual Thinking template tasks in time example

Weekly task planning

Hands-on planning
go to online storeUse Manual Thinking to get the most out of your week by mapping out your tasks. Organize your time by days and/or projects to approach the week efficiently. Whether for work, school, or home, the overview will allow you to focus on your tasks one by one.