Creative teamwork

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Shot during a creativity workshop in the Manual Thinking studio, this video shows a team of 12 persons from different backgrounds and nationalities working together on problem exploring, idea creation and organization. With the Manual Thinking tool the ideas and visions from all participants are captured without any discussions in visual documents which can be presented and archived afterwards.

Camera & production by Visual13


Visual map of Kanji

Manual Thinking can be used as an effective tool for learning: in this example Tomoko Sakamoto visualized some Kanji symbols with illustrations, arranging them by the basic symbols they have in common. A visual and fun way to learn and recognize how for example the basic symbol for rain has variations such as the symbols for cloud, snow, thunder or electricity.

Gochu Jang by Janet Kim & JungYoon Choi

concept map gochu jangIMG_6640Jang is an essential flavor to the Korean cuisine, based on fermented soybeans. Janet Kim and JungYoon Choi from the Korean food brand Sempio work on the Jang Project, which aim is to introduce this flavor to the world. Together we made a pairing map of the variant Gochu Jang, a fermented chili paste.


Mindmap of Sake and D.O.Ca Priorat by Tamae Imachi

Sake concept map by Tamae ImachiPriorat concept map by Tamae ImachiTamae Imachi & Gerrit Jan VeldmanTamae Imachi is sommelier at Dos Palillos, an Asian tapas restaurant located in Barcelona, which she runs together with her husband Albert Raurich, whom she met when both worked at restaurant elBulli, respectively as sommelier and head-chef. Here she turned her knowledge into concept maps of Sake (in Spanish) and D.O.Ca Priorat wines (in Japanese).