Why Manual Thinking?

Manual Thinking is a universal tool to treat organizational and creative tasks in an active and direct manner, efficient for both individuals or teams. It facilitates:

why manual thinkingLearning:

  • Using Manual Thinking helps you to better understand a situation by adding hierarchies, categories and relations to its information. Additionally, working manual and visual makes it easier to interiorize the subject at hand, using more cognitive functions of your brain.

Taking decisions:

  • Manual Thinking lets you gather information in an organized way to create an overview of a situation to make taking decisions easier. Collect pro’s and contra’s, alternative options and figure out next steps to take. Especially useful in groups, the tool allows team members to note their opinions without interruptions or discussions.

Finding new solutions:

  • With Manual Thinking creativity can be treated in a pro-active manner, with organization as an important basis. It allows you to arrange ideas by groups, making it easy to expand them and find alternatives. The format allows team members to associate on each other ideas quickly through writing and drawing. Furthermore, the tool has been developed with various methods for structured idea generation in mind, which can be easily applied with the Manual Thinking tool. Working manual and visual is all about using the right side of your brain, bringing out the creativity in you.