Brainwriting with Manual Thinking: Effective brainstorming

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Brainwriting is a technique for idea generation in groups, a more structured alternative to brainstorming. As with brainstorming, brainwriting is a method where participants create ideas freely, associating and building on the ideas of the rest, but instead of being mentioned the process is carried out through writing and drawing in silence. This way, discussions are omitted and the full participation of all team members is guaranteed. Manual Thinking offers the ideal material to facilitate a brainwriting session, and gives the opportunity to organize the resulting ideas on a visual document. Try it too!

Manual Thinking foldable maps & removable large labels
Writing material: preferably a black and a colored marker to accentuate. It is essential that the writing material is the same for every participant, in order to hide the trail of the ideas’ authors and improve the legibility of the final maps.
– Assign a facilitator to control time.

Step by step:
1. Present the problem, in a way that invites solutions, for example by initiating the problem phrase with “How can you…?”
2. Situate groups of 6 (preferably) around a table and hand out a sheet of large labels to each participant. Take 3 minutes for the participants to draw an initial idea (one only!) on the first upper left label of the sheet. Now the sheets are passed to the neighbor on the right, who in continuation has 3 minutes to create a new idea building on the idea(s) which are already drawn on the sheet. The sheets keep passing until all labels are filled.
3. When sufficient ideas have been generated, mix the sheets of ideas within the group for review and take time to arrange the ideas by families on empty maps, with the group’s consent and awareness. The ideas can be numbered afterwards for a democratic idea selection.


Mindmapping with Manual Thinking

mindmap manual thinking

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A great way of visualizing ideas, tasks or projects is the technique commonly known as Mindmapping, with which you can create a visual document of any subject by subdividing and arranging its information by families, creating a structure resembling branches of a tree.

Making a Mindmap with Manual Thinking is easy:  Write and draw the information on the removable labels and (re) arrange your content on the map. Finish the Mindmap by connecting the labels with lines. The generous surface of the foldable maps allow various persons to work at once, and can be presented, archived and taken along!


Neumopriorize: Decision taking with your lungs

neumo mapa sVisualize which decision to take using your lungs: For each option, each participant blows up a balloon expressing their preference with the amount of air blown, making visible the preference of the group. Deciding becomes a fysical activity!globos s