Mindmap of Sake and D.O.Ca Priorat by Tamae Imachi

Sake concept map by Tamae ImachiPriorat concept map by Tamae ImachiTamae Imachi & Gerrit Jan VeldmanTamae Imachi is sommelier at Dos Palillos, an Asian tapas restaurant located in Barcelona, which she runs together with her husband Albert Raurich, whom she met when both worked at restaurant elBulli, respectively as sommelier and head-chef. Here she turned her knowledge into concept maps of Sake (in Spanish) and D.O.Ca Priorat wines (in Japanese).



Fixed and removable information

Fixed information, like the head title of your map, can be written directly on the map; with outlines you can let it stand out. Write or draw the rest of your content on labels, so you can move them around as you please. When all the information has its place you can connect the inputs. Don’t forget to write a title, name and/or date on the cover before folding!


Creative teamwork workshop + video shoot

manual thinking creativity workshop

The 31st of January 2012 we held a creativity workshop in our studio, where a multilingual group of participants had the opportunity to get familiarized with Manual Thinking and several idea generation methods, while Vicenç from Visual13 was recording footage to create the Manual Thinking video. An intensive day resulting in lots of new ideas and contacts. Thanks to all the participants!

manual thinking creativity workshop 2

manual thinking creativity workshop 3